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Mr. Johnson just called me from Liberation.  As he put it “Kathy and I are jumping for joy!”  Their last monthly electric bill before the DVP work was complete $ 1,700.00.  They just opened the first bill since the completion of the DVP work – Total bill $ 898.00!!!  Not a bad Savings to Investment Ratio there folks.  😉

So to each and every one of you thanks for your piece in making this happen.  Thanks for helping to schlep blower doors, haul ladders, run cords, untangle reference hoses and trouble shoot.  Many thanks for countless diagnostic trips, inventing new testing protocol for this unique building, and pushing on until we felt confident in the test results and final recommendations.  Bravo for thinking outside the box to help air seal this great structure, route exhaust fans and reduce the lighting base load while trying to maintain the historic integrity of this ole building.

It is nice once and awhile to get out of the trenches of our everyday work, look around and realize your efforts make a difference in our backyard.  When you see the vets walking up and down that Hull Street section – remember you lent a hand to a worthy group.  It is nice to know the savings we all helped create will let the staff at Liberation put $ to work in other meaningful ways.

It truly is gratifying to work with all of you in making a difference.  Job well done.  Congratulations.

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