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Insulation Services

Reduce energy costs to customers by increasing the R-value of pre-existing insulation in the attic.

duct repair services

We can handle all your duct repair and replacement needs, both big and small.

weatherization services

Help improve the energy efficiency of your home or business.

The Home Energy Money Pit

Homeowners frequently overlook hidden financial drains when creating a home that’s both comfortable and energy-efficient. These unseen elements can silently escalate costs and reduce living quality:

Our Solution

Our holistic approach to energy efficiency isn’t just about upgrades — it’s about smart savings. By harnessing the power of available rebates, we help homeowners invest in energy upgrades that pay dividends in comfort and cost. 

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Homeowners can access federal and state programs that may cover 100% of the costs for energy upgrades like attic insulation, duct sealing, air sealing, and heat pump replacement.

Schedule Energy

Our energy audit identifies if you’re overpaying on energy bills, finds savings opportunities, and recommends the most beneficial energy upgrades for your home.

Receive Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Tailored energy-efficient upgrades for your home begins, including attic insulation, duct sealing, air sealing, HVAC replacement, and other identified opportunities.

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Partnering with utility companies & conservation groups for Sustainable energy solutions

At Farrell Insulation, we prioritize trust and collaboration in our work with various energy conservation programs. Our partnerships extend across the United States, involving both utility companies and dedicated conservation groups, to deliver energy-efficient and environmentally responsible solutions.

let's Work Together

Since 1997, Farrell Insulation has been a leading insulation and weatherization provider in Charlotte, NC. Renowned for our commitment to energy conservation, we offer customized energy-saving solutions for commercial, residential, and multi-family properties.

Our dedication to the community drives us to deliver effective strategies that maximize time and cost savings. Discover the Farrell Insulation Advantage in Charlotte – where local know-how meets an unwavering commitment to excellence, distinguishing us in the field.

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Certifications & licenses

At Farrell Insulation, we believe that understanding every aspect of our industry is essential to our success. For this reason, we sought out some of the best minds with the best certifications to join our team and have developed a staff qualified to take on any energy conversation and weatherization project.